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King Takna Ziji & the fortresses of Tiger Leopard King of Wealth


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"Zhang Zhung King Takna Ziji .....The narrow gorge and hot springs of Takrong is still considered by local Buddhist drokpa to be a sacred site of the Bönpo...... According to the Bön Tisé Karchak, Takna Rong/Takna Ling, was where the Zhang Zhung king Takna Ziji had his castle Takna Weldzong...... It would appear by the description given in this account of Takna Rong that, by being situated at the foot of Poor Ngeden (Pori Ngeden.....some 180 km to the west), an area larger than the single Takrong valley is described in this text. In the local sacred geographic tradition of Takrong, the site is said to have been a stronghold of King Takzig Norgi Gyelpo. He is said to have had two priests: Awong, the tiger lama, and Miwong, the lama with the magic lasso. The river of Takrong passes under an area of geothermal activity. This geographic oddity is referred to as the self-formed bridge of King Gesar. The geomantic heart of the site is a high volume hot spring called Sinpo Nyingchu. Pinnacles of mineral precipitates thrown up by the hot springs represent the Bön deity Takla Membar and his circle of 18 Drekpa spirits. Other light and dark pinnacles called Lékarnak (White and Black Destiny) represent heaven and hell. There are also “palaces” of the lha, nyen and lu, vertically arrayed to reflect the characteristic placement of these deities in the sky, earth and underworld realms of the tripartite universe (sisum/sipa sum).".........http://www.thlib.org/bellezza/#!book=/bellezza/wb/b1-2-6/

The lower dokhang (rdo khang). (Takrong Tsamkhang)

Takrong Tsamkhang.......Site name: Takrong Tsams KhangStag rong mtshams khang......English equivalent: Tiger Gorge Meditation House.................Asia > Greater Himalayas & Tibetan Plateau > China > Tibet Autonomous Region > Zhikatsé > Drongpa > Kela > Takrong Tsamkhang......(N. lat.): 30º 25.9΄.....(E. long.): 83º 33.7΄......Elevation: 4960 m to 4990 m......Administrative location: KyelakSkyed lag.....Drongpa.".......Antiquities of Zhang Zhungby John Vincent Bellezza

"Takzik Nordzong.....aka: Tiger Leopard Fortress......Elevation: 4870 meters.....Township: Khyelak....County: Drongpa (the region around the source of the Yarlung)....Yarlung Tsangpo or Yarlung River is a river that originates at Tamlung Tso lake in western Tibet, southeast of Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar."......Tiger Leopard Jewel Fortress is located at the confluence of the Ronggyü and smaller Fortress Valley (Dzonglung) valleys, neither of which has any contemporary permanent settlement.".....Antiquities of Zhang Zhungby John Vincent Bellezza

Takzik Nordzong.....A rampart segment and the superior level area of the west formation.......2001 Upper Tibet Antiquities Expedition (UTAE)

"Local drokpa believe that Takzik Nordzong is one of the fortresses of Tiger Leopard King of Wealth (Takzig Norgi Gyelpo), an invader who is supposed to have come from the northwest (Indo-Iranic borderlands or Central Asia). He is thought to have conquered major portions of western Tibet in early times. According to the Gesar epic, Takzig Norgi Gyelpo was one of the main adversaries of King Ling Gesar."....Antiquities of Zhang Zhungby John Vincent Bellezza

"Yarlung Tsangpo or Yarlung River is a river that originates at Tamlung Tso lake in western Tibet, southeast of Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. It later forms the South Tibet Valley and Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon, before passing through the state of Arunachal Pradesh, India, where it is known as the Siang."


"Tremo Khar is located in the Zhungsa region on an eponymous hilltop. This hilltop rises 300 m above the Barga plain and has unobstructed 360° views. The Tremo Khar hilltop is the only place in the middle of the celebrated pilgrimage place known to the Bönpo as Gangritso Sum where its three main sacred geographic features, Gangkar Tisé, Tso Mapang and Pori Ngeden, can be seen simultaneously. All four structures of Tremo Khar are built of uncut variable-length tan blocks laid in random-rubble courses. The identification of these structures is hampered by the very poor state of the extant remains. They appear to be either representatives of the cubic tomb typology or closely related monuments. There is an old mani wall on the summit of Tremo Khar, which may have been constructed to symbolically and ritually bring Tremo Khar under the auspices of Buddhism."...... John Vincent Bellezza......Antiquities of Zhang Zhung

Pori Ngeden...Fragrant Incense Mountain...in Khyungpo Shangshung.

"............ emanations of Tsewang Rigdzin depicting his traveling to six holy mountains to benefit beings and overcome obstacles and malicious spirits. The six mountains are [1] Tise (Kailash), [2] Langchen Gyingri, [3] Pori Ngeden, [4] Yungdrung Sabten, [5] Shenri Deden, and [6] Chugmo Pari.".....http://www.himalayanart.org

"The Epic of King Gesar (/ˈɡɛzər/ or /ˈɡɛsər/; Standard Tibetan: གེ་སར་རྒྱལ་པོ, Ge-sar rGyal-po, "King Gesar"; Mongolian: Гэсэр Хаан, Geser Khan, "King Geser", Russian: Гесар-хан or Кесар), also spelled Geser (especially in Mongolian contexts) or Kesar (/ˈkɛzər/ or /ˈkɛsər/), the fearless lord of the legendary kingdom of Ling (Standard Tibetan: gLing)."

John Vincent Bellezza......Antiquities of Zhang Zhung......Edited by Geoffrey Barstow, Mickey Stockwell and Michael White......Tibetan & Himalayan Library...( 2010)



John Hopkins.....Northern New Mexico….May 2014


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