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'Od zer ...Light Rays, Luminosity…Heart, Eyes, and Space


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SOUND,LIGHT,RAYS...The tibetan terms: sgra (sound)[sgralha], 'od (light)['odkar], zer (rays)[zermig]. The relationship of these three elements with the kun gzhi (basis) [Kuntu Sangpo:Basic Goodness]..... Excellent description of the relationship between heart, eyes, and space: (Reynolds:1996 pps 121, 150, 157)...."Sun Ray Particles" (Kongtrul: 168)...(Rangdrol: 45)...."Everything that arises as manifest phenomenon, consisting of sounds, lights, and rays (sgra 'od zer gsum)...this energy, in the form of light, originates in the heart of the individual." (Reynolds: 157)..."This state of Primeval Purity manifests in the milieu of three elements: sound (sgra), light ('od), and ray (zer). This luminosity resides in the heart of the body like a lighted lamp in a vase." (Karmay: 204).....Sound, light, rays: See ( 134)..."When the 3 great visions (sound, light, rays) arise, we are in the bardo of the clear light of the essential reality, and that they are our own projections." (Wangyal: 1993..pp190-191)..."the name we give to this display of sound, light and color is 'spontaneous presence'."..(Sogyal: 275)..."The Mithraic solar ray that penetrates into the world cave."..(Campbell: 99)..."O Agni, thy pure bright, flaming rays arise." (Keith: 63)..."Draw in breath from the rays"..( 7)

Painting of Marici, Goddess of the Sun....Painted in the Kasmiri style by the 10th Karmapa for his wife in about 1673 AD.

Marici: Öser Chenma, Goddess of Great Light.: 'Odzer Canma, "Woman Endowed with Rays of Light" (Wylie: 'od zer can ma). ...light: འོད ('od) light; shine; brightness, splendor; radiance; illumination; spread the light; lustre; come to hear; effulgence; brilliance......zer: ray; beam; shaft of light....Oser Chenma is a yidam (personal deity), the physical symbol of the influence of the gods. The chariot pulled by pigs that she rides, and the tree that she holds were once the home of a demon she vanquished. ....Marichi, Kalpoktam (Tibetan: o zer chen ma, English: the One Having Light Rays), Goddess of the Dawn.....The origins of Marici are obscure; however, she appears to be an amalgamation of Indic, Iranian and non-Indo-Iranian antecedents.......her origins are obscure, but she believed to be an amalgamation of Hindu, Iranian, and Non-Aryan antecedents

SIX LAMPS......"Everything that arises as manifest phenomena, consisting of sounds, lights, and rays (sgra 'od zer gsum), whether as pure vision or as impure karmic vision, is part of one's own potentiality (rang rtsal), the manifesting of the energy of one's intrinsic Awareness (rig-pa'i rtsal) in external space (phyi dbyings). This energy, in the form of light, originates in the physical heart (tsit ta)of the individual. From the interior space within the heart this inner light (nang 'od, Sanskrit: antarayotih) proceeds upward through a translucent channel called the Kati, or smooth white nerve (dkar 'jam stsa) and then exits the body by way of the gateway of the physical eyes....This internal luminosity, projected outside the heart, manifests in external space as something apparently real and substantial, like a cinema show projected onto a great screen surrounding the individual. One then becomes lost in the fascinating display of the show, as if one were caught up in a dream where everything seems objective, solid and real....The individual wanders around in circles, becoming lost in this projection....Thus one comes to live in one's projections and not in their source. This process of projection ('phro-ba) is described in terms of SIX LAMPS or lights (sgron-ma drug): 1. Lamp of the dimension of Awareness (rigpe dbyings kyi sgron-ma) 2. Lamp of the flesh-like heart (tsit ta sha'i sgron-ma) 3. Lamp of the smooth white nerve (dkar 'jam stsa'i sgron ma) 4. Lamp of the water (globelike eye) that lassos everything at a distance (rgyang zhags chu'i sgron-ma) 5. Lamp of the empty tiny spheres of light (thig-le stong-pa'i sgron-ma) 6. Lamp of self-originated wisdom (shes-rab rang-byung gi sgron-ma) From: The Second Statement of Garab Dorje...."In the state of immediate Awareness one directly discovers that all of one's final visions (the tiny spheres of rainbow light) are actually arising from within oneself."......John Myrdhin Reynolds....'The Golden Letters'....Page 157

MANICHAEAN.....Father of Greatness together with his five Shekhinas (khamesh shkhinatei) (divine attributes of light)....The Original Man (Manichaean deity) is armed with five different shields of light (reflections of the five Shekhinas)...the Five Light Elements; Middle Persian:
Amahrāspandan; Parthian: panj rošn) Ether (Middle Persian: frâwahr, Parthian: ardâw)
Wind (Middle Persian and Parthian: wâd)
Light (Middle Persian and Parthian: rôšn)
Water (Middle Persian and Parthian: âb)
Fire (Middle Persian and Parthian: âdur)

ZURVANISM....The earliest evidence of the cult of Zurvan is found in the History of Theology, attributed to Eudemus of Rhodes (c. 370-300 BCE). As cited in Damascius's Difficulties and Solutions of First Principles (6th c. CE), Eudemus describes a sect of the Persians that considered Space/Time to be the primordial "father" of the rivals Oromasdes (The first of the Zoroastrian trinity. The divine goodness of Plato; the deviser of creation.The second person is Mithras, the eternal intellect, architect of the world; the third, Ahrimanes (Psyche), the mundane soul.) of Light and Arimanius of Darkness (Dhalla, 1932:331-332).

Okar in Shiwa Okar signifies "White light"......'od dkar - white light

Dzogchen..... 'sound, light and rays' (Wylie: sgra 'od zer gsum)

'od...radiance, light, splendor
zer...light rays
gsum...three, the three precious things

'odkar...white, light, bright, sharp light, virtuous, wholesome, very white

'od ......radiance, light, splendor, luminosity, shine, brilliance, brightness, radiancy
'od - colorless, light, shine, brightness, glow, beam
'od - light; luminosity; isc. illumination/ illuminating
'od - radiance, light, splendor
'od - radiance, light, splendor, luminosity, shine, brilliance, brightness

'od zer - rays of light; rays of light, light rays, light, luminous rays; radiance; light ray/ beam; light ray, ray, beam of light, light, radiance
'od zer dkar chem me - glittering white rays
'od dkar can - having white light...the moon, camphor
sgra 'od zer - sounds, lights, and rays

dkar cha - white essence
dkar lam - whiteness experience
dkar 'jam rtsa'i sgron-ma - the lamp of the smooth white nerve

sgra 'od zer gsum
sounds & lights & rays in bardo, sgra yis dngangs so, 'od kyis 'jigs so, zer gyis sgrag go [JV]
sounds, [colored] lights, and [light] rays [IW]
sounds, colors and lights; sounds, [colored] lights, and [light] rays; sounds, lights and rays [RY]
Sounds, colors and lights. The first manifestations in the bardo of dharmata [RY]

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J.Hopkins.....Northern New Mexico….February 2013


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