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Lhak-thong: Fourth Moment Total Presence


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Chogyam Trungpa 1974 Naropa Public Talk....The Fourth Moment…

Chogyam Trungpa 1974 The Fourth Moment - YouTube.......

"Beyond Present, Past, and Future Is The Fourth Moment.....totality is taking place. A very precise something or other is happening. That is the state of vipashyana. It is nonverbal and nonconceptual and very electric. It is neither ecstasy nor a state of dullness. Rather, a state of “hereness” is taking place, which is described in the Tibetan Buddhist literature as nowness. Nowness is sometimes referred to as the fourth moment. That may sound more mystical than what is meant. You have the past, present, and future, which are the three moments. Then you have something else taking place, which is called the fourth moment. The fourth moment is not a far-out or extraordinary experience as such. It is a state of experience that doesn’t even belong to now. It doesn’t belong to what might be, either. It belongs to a non-category—which provides another sense of category. Thus it is called the fourth moment. That is the state of vipashyana, or the state of non-ego. The Tibetan term for this is lhakthong dagme tokpe sherap, which means “the knowledge of egoless insight.” It is a very real experience in which nothing can be misunderstood. It is such an overwhelming experience. The experience comes at you. You experience it precisely and in great detail."......By Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche....

".....awareness in Tibetan is lhak- thong...... lhakthong dagme tokpe sherap, which means “the knowledge that realizes egolessness through awareness.”....The Essential Chogyam Trungpa - Page 84.

Lhak-thong, for which a loose translation would be Penetrative insight meditation, or authentic vipasyana....Lhak-Thong Wod-Sel (Direct Experiencing of Clear Light) Teaching by Lama Khemsar Rinpoche.....The practice involves both mun-tsham (dark retreat) and Dzogchen Tsa-lung (Aa-ti Yoga) practices.

..."The omniscient eye of pristine awareness is an eyeball looking in all directions simultaneously, in the total 360 degree vision of the holistic seed, the source of space-time in the zero dimension. In rigpa, no temporal processes take place; there is no motion. Light has no speed. Nowhere located, the zero dimension is omnipresent, a universal constant and the 'background' and context of all experience. It is Samantabhadra, the silent witness of all. In his all-round perspective, there is no historical judgement, no bias or partiality. This is the zero dimension: Super-Openness....the natural atemporal continum.....".... ( Longchenpa's Precious Treasury of Natural Perfection / Keith Dowman

"Rigpa, the intrinsic reality of total presence, with a 360 degree perspective, free of quantitative bias, unsubstantiated by language or logic. unsigned, neither eternal nor temporal, subject to neither increase not decrease, without directional movement or pulsation, immaculate in the immensity of immanent hyper-sameness, it is seamless openness unconfined by time or space."...... ( Longchenpa's Precious Treasury of Natural Perfection / Keith Dowman

"....our rigden-related Shambhala practices are closely tied in with the level of cosmic mirror or dharmakaya. Mahamudra is a powerful way to access that level experientially, and that is what we will emphasize in this retreat in order enhance our understanding of the deeper meaning behind ngondro and werma......In this retreat we will us the vipashyana investigations of mahamudra to strengthen and stabilize the nature of mind transmission that we received at Vajrayana Seminary or Sacred World Assembly. In Shambhala terminology, we refer to this true nature asabsolute ashe, the ultimate court, primordial rigden or cosmic mirror. Rigden Ngondro and Werma practice are symbolic methods that lay the ground for realizing this transmission.....In the mahamudra meditation, we take a direct route. Here we use traditional investigations to uncover the dharmakaya/cosmic mirror qualities that underlie our generation stage practices and are inherent in our everyday experience of mind, thoughts, perceptions of the world, and impressions of duality. Through these practices, we turn simple sitting meditation into a profound practice......In this retreat, our main practice will be based Wangchuk Dorje’s seminal mahamudra text, Pointing Out the Dharmakaya. We will compliment this with the study the four dignities and the four yogas of mahamudra.".....

Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper...Artist Vidya Devi and Dhirendra a moment of jest, Shiva's wife Parvati came up from behind and playfully blindfolded him with her two hands. No sooner had she done so than the whole world was plunged into darkness and ominous turmoil. To prevent the impending catastrophe, there immediately sprung from Shiva's forehead a third eye."


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