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Extreme Weather Events of 535–536 AD Central Asia


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"The extreme weather events of 535–536 AD were the most severe and protracted short-term episodes of cooling in the Northern Hemisphere in the last 2,000 years. The event is thought to have been caused by an extensive atmospheric dust veil, possibly resulting from a large volcanic eruption in the tropics, or debris from space impacting the Earth. Its effects were widespread, causing unseasonal weather, crop failures, and famines worldwide.......–536

"The decline of Teotihuacán, a huge city in Mesoamerica, is also correlated with the droughts related to the climate changes, with signs of civil unrest and famines. David Keys speculates that the climate changes may have contributed to various developments, such as the emergence of the Plague of Justinian, the decline of the Avars, the migration of Mongolian tribes towards the West, the end of the Persian Empire, the rise of Islam, and the fall of Teotihuacán"....... The combination killed perhaps as much as 1/3 of the population of Europe; in China the famine killed perhaps 80% of people in some regions; in Scandinavia the losses may be been as much as 75-90% of the population, as evidenced by the numbers of deserted villages and cemeteries.... "Review of David Keys' Catastroph". British Archaeology (49).

"Dust Veil of AD 536.....According to written records and supported by dendrochronology and archaeological evidence, for 12-18 months in AD 536-537, a thick, persistent dust veil or dry fog darkened the skies between Europe and Asia Minor. The climatic interruption brought by the thick, bluish fog extended as far east as China, where summer frosts and snow are recorded in historical records; tree ring data from Mongolia and Siberia to Argentina and Chile reflect decreased growing records from 536 and the subsequent decade.".....

"The Roman historian Procopius recorded of 536, in his report on the wars with the Vandals, "during this year a most dread portent took place. For the sun gave forth its light without brightness...and it seemed exceedingly like the sun in eclipse, for the beams it shed were not clear."... Procopius. History of the Wars, Books III and IV: The Vandalic War. Dewing H.B. ISBN 1-4346-0550-7.

The Gaelic Irish Annals record the following:...."A failure of bread in the year 536 AD"—The Annals of Ulster (Irish: Annála Uladh) are annals of medieval Ireland.

"Ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica show evidence of substantial sulfate deposits around 533–534 ± 2 years, evidence of an extensive acidic dust veil."..... "New ice core evidence for a volcanic cause of the A.D. 536 dust veil". Geophys. Res. Lett. 35 (4): L04708.

"In 2009, Dallas Abbott of Columbia University's Lamont–Doherty Earth Observatory in New York published evidence from Greenland ice cores that multiple comet impacts caused the haze. The spherules found in the ice may originate from terrestrial debris ejected into the atmosphere by an impact event."......"Comet smashes triggered ancient famine". New Scientist. 7 January 2009.

"The 536 event and ensuing famine have been suggested as an explanation for the sacrifice, by depositing hoards of large amounts of gold by Scandinavian elites at the end of the Migration Period, possibly to appease the angry gods and get the sunlight back."..... Axboe, M. (1999). "The year 536 and the Scandinavian gold hoards". Medieval archaeology 43: 186–8

"The Plague of Justinian (AD 541–542) was a pandemic that afflicted the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire), including its capital Constantinople. It has been claimed as one of the greatest plagues in history. .... the plague epidemic was nearly worldwide in scope, striking central and south Asia; North Africa and Arabia; and Europe all the way to Denmark and Ireland. Genetic studies point to China as having been the primary source of the contagion"......


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