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Terms ... Dzogchen


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ka-ti - a crystalline translucent nerve or channel connecting the heart with the eyes

ka-dag - primordial purity, primordially pure

ka-dag chen-po - the Great Primordial Purity, a state of total primordial purity

ka-dag gi lam - the path of primordial purity

ka-dag rig-pa shes-rab rang-byung gi sgron-ma - the lamp of self-originated discriminating wisdom which is primordially pure awareness

ka nas dag-pa - primordial purity, pure from the very beginning 

kun-khyab all-pervading

kun-mkhyen - omniscient, all-knowing

kun tu snang-ba'i ting-nge-' dzin - the samadhi or state of contemplation which illuminates everything

Kun tu bzang-po - Samantabhadra (name of the Primordial Buddha) 

Kuntu bzang-mo Samantabhadri (name of the Primordial Wisdom) 

kun brtag ma rig-pa - the ignorance which conceptualizes everything

Kun-byed rgyal-po - the king who creates everything

kun-rdzob - relative

kun-rdzob bden-pa - Relative Truth

kun-gzhi - the basis of everything, alaya

kun-gzhi rnam-shes - the store consciousness, alaya-vijñana

kun-bzang dgongs-pa - the Primordial State of Samantabhadra

klong - vast expanse, vast expanse of space

klong-chen - the great vast expanse

klong-sde Longde - the Space Series (a series of texts and teachings of Dzogchen)

dkar 'jam rtsa'i sgron-ma - the lamp of the smooth white nerve 

dkar-po chig-thub - 1. panacea, the white panacea; 2. the Mahamudra teaching

bka' - precept, word, command, vacana

bka'-ma - tradition, continuous tradition (an oral tradition whose transmis¬sion has not been interrupted and is continuous)

rkyen - secondary cause, secondary condition, pratyaya

sku - Body, kaya

sku gsum - Trikaya, the 3 Bodies of the Buddha

sku gsung thugs - Body, Speech, and Mind

skye 'gags med-pa - uncreated and unceasing

skye med - uncreated, not produced, unborn

bskyed rdzogs - the generation process and the perfection process

bskyed rdzogs zung-'jug - unification of the generation process and the perfection process

bskyed-rim - generation process, steps of production, development stage, visualization process, utpattikrama

'khor-ba - Samsara, cyclical existence

'khor-Io - 1. wheel, circle, cycle; 2. chakra, psychic center (a center of psychic energy in the body)

'khor-lo bsgyur-pa'i rgyal-P - Universal Monarch, Chakravartin, a wheel¬ turning universal emperor, cakravarti-riija

'khrul rtog - delusory thoughts, deluded thoughts

'khrul rtog gi rba-dabs 'tshub-pa - turbulent waves of deluded thoughts 

'khrul snang - delusory appearances

'khrul-pa - delusion, deluded, delusory, bhriinti

'khrul-pa'i las rgyun mi chod-pa - not interrupt the current of the delusory activities of the mind

'khrul 'byams - ordinary profusion of deluded thoughts

'khru l'byams tha-mal du shor-ba - fall into the ordinary profusion of de¬luded thoughts

'khrul med - without delusion

'khruI gzhi - the basis of delusion 'khrullam the path of delusion


khyad-chos - special teaching

khrid - explanation, guiding explanation

khrid-yig - explanatory text (a manual which gives an explanation of the meditation practice)

khregs-chod / Thekchod - releasing tensions, cutting through rigidity (a special teaching of the Dzogchen Upadesha Series)

mkha' - sky, space

mkha'-'gro-ma / Dakini (a manifestation of energy in female form) 

mkhas-pa - wise, learned

mkhyen-pa - wisdom, knowledge; to know

'khor ' das - Samsara and Nirvana

'khor'das m-shan phye-ba - distinguishing between Samsara and Nirvana

grol gzhi - the basis of liberation

grol gzhi'i ye-shes ngos ' dzin - recognizing the knowledge (or gnosis) which is the basis of liberation

grol lam - the path of liberation

grol lugs - modes of liberation

grol lugs bzhi - the 4 modes of liberation

grol sa - the state of liberation

grol sa gcig-pu - unique state of liberation

grol sa gcig~po yin-par" ngo-sh~s - recognize to be the unique state of liberation

glo-bur - adventitious, accidental

glo-bur ma dag-pa - adventitious impurities

dgag sgrub med-pa - neither stopping nor creating (thoughts)

dgongs brgyud - direct transmission, Mind Lineage

dgong sgter - Mind Treasure

dgongs-pa - 1. Primordial State, Mind; 2. intention

dgra-bcOIfi-pa - Arhat, perfect saint

‘gags-med - unobstructed, without obstruction

‘ gyu-ba - movement of thought; to move

‘grel-pa - commentary

'gro sa med - (thoughts) do not go anywhere

rgod-pa - agitation, agitated

rgyang zhags chu'i sgron-ma - the lamp of the water (globelike) eye which lassos everything at a distance

rgyan - ornament (Le., thoughts and appearances are the ornaments of the mind)

rgyal-po - king

rgyal-ba - Jina, the Victorious One (syn. Buddha)

rgyal-ba dgongs brgyud - the direct mind-to-mind transmission of the Jinas rgyal-ba rigs lnga 

rgyal-sras / Jinaputra, son of the Victorious One (syn. Bodhisattva)

rgyal-sras kyi spyod-pa - Bodhisattva conduct, conduct or behavior of a Jinaputra

rgyu - cause, primary cause, hetu

rgyu'i ting-nge-'dzin - causal samadhi, causal contemplation, hetu-samadhi

rgyu'i theg-pa / Hetuyana - the Causal Vehicle

rgyud - 1.Tantra; 2. mind-stream

rgyud-sde - the Tantra Section 

rgyud smin - ripen the stream of consciousness

sgom-pa,bsgom-pa - meditation; to meditate, bhiivanii,

sgom-pa nyams su len-pa tshul - method of practicing meditation 

sgom-pa'i shes-rab - discriminating wisdom arising in meditation

sgom byung gi shes-rab - wisdom which comes forth in meditation 

sgom lam - path of meditation development, bhiivanii-miirga

sgyu-ma - illusion, miiyii

sgyu-lus, sgyu-ma'i lus - illusion body, maya-deha

sgyur-ba - transformation; to transform

sgyur lam - the path of transformation

sgra 'od zer - sounds, lights, and rays

sgrib-pa - obscuration

sgrib-pa gnyis - the 2 obscurations (emotional and intellectual)

sgrub brgyud - Lineage of the Siddhas

sgrub-thabs / sadhana - process of realization

sgrub-sde - the Sadhana Section (of Mahayoga)

sgrub-pa-po - sadhaka, practitioner of sadhana

sgro-' dogs - doubts

sgron-ma drug - the 6 lamps (aspects of light in Thodgal)

sgrol ba - 1. to liberate, to deliver; 2. rites of deliverance, magical rituals employed to slay other beings

brgyud-pa - transmission, lineage, paramparii

brgyud-pa'i bla-ma - Lineage Gurus, masters of the lineage of transmission 

bsgom-pa chen-po - the great meditation, state of total meditation 

bsgom-med - nonmeditation, without meditating


ngang - state, condition

ngang bskyangs - continuing in the state 

ngang chen-po - the great state, total state 

ngang dwangs - lucid state, luminous state

ngang bzhag chu-bo'i rgyun gyi sgom-pa - remain in a state where meditation is like the continuous flow of a river

ngang la bzhag-pa - remain in the state 

ngan sngags - evil mantras

ngan-song - evil destinies of rebirth, durgati

nges-don - real meaning, ultimate meaning, definitive meaning, 

ngo-sprad-pa - directly introduced

ngo-sprod-pa - introduction, direct introduction; to introduce

ngo-'phrad-pa - to be introduced to

ngo-bo - essence, svabhiiva

ngo-bo gcig - unique essence

ngo-shes-pa - recognition; to recognize

ngos ' dzin-pa - to recognize

ngos bzung - recognize

dngos-grub / siddhi - attainments

dngos-po - entity, a concrete thing

dngos-gzhi - principal practice, principal section

mngon-' gyur - become manifest

mngon-shes - clairvoyance, clairvoyant power, abhijftii

mngon-shes drug - the 6 clairvoyant powers

mngon-sum - 1. manifest, evident to the senses 2. perception, pratyaya

mngon-sum rjen-pa'i ye-shes - naked manifest primal awareness 

snga-'gyur - Early Translation

snga dar - the earlier spreading of the Dharma in Tibet

sngags - mantra, incantation, magic spell

sngags mying-ma - the Old Tantras

sngags nang-pa - the Inner Tantras, the Higher Tantras

sngags-pa - Tantrika, Ngagpa, a practitioner of the Mantras 

snags-lugs - theTantra system, mantranaya

sngar ' dris kyi ye-shes - a knowledge met with previously

sngon-'gro - preliminaries, preliminary practice, preliminary section


cig-ear, cig-char - instantaneous, immediate

cig-car 'jug-pa - entering instantaneously

cig-car-ba – non-gradualist

cir snang rang yin - one's own state of existence manifesting everywhere 

cog-bzhag bzhi - the 4 modes of just being there

gcig - one, single, unique, single state, singularity, eka

gcig grol - liberated into a single state

gcig thag-bcad-pa - discover one single state

gcig-pu, gcig-po - single, unique

gcig shes kun grol - knowing one thing, everything is liberated

gcer grol - liberation through bare attention

gcer mthong - seeing nakedly

bca'-ba - to continue

bcos med - unfabricated, unmodified, uncorrected

bcos slad med-pa - not modified or adulterated


chad lta-ba - the view of nihilism, ucchedaviida

chen-po - great, total

chös kyi bdag-med - the insubstantiality of phenomena

chös-sku – Dharmakaya in Vajrayana

Bön-sku – Dharmakaya in Bön

chös-sku rgyal-po'i rtsal - the creative potentiality of the king who is the Dharmakaya (syn. rig-pa'i rtsal)

Bön-sku gcig-po'i yo-langs bskyang - continuing in the unique state of the Dharma-kaya

Bön-sku'i klong du dag-pa - purified into the vast expanse of the Dharmakaya

Bön-sku'i lta-ba - the view of the Dharmakaya

Bön-sku'i yo-Iangs the state (or nature) of the Dharmakaya

chös-nyid - Dharmata, Reality 

chös-nyid kyi rang ngo skyong-ba - continuing in the inherent state of Reality

chös-nyid mngon-sum kyi snang-ba - the vision of the direct perception of Reality

chös-nyid bar-do - the Bardo of Reality

chös-nyid zad-pa'i snang-ba - the vision of the consummation of Reality 

chös rnams dharmas - phenomena

chös-dbyings / Dharmadhatu - the dimension of all existence

chös lugs - an organized system of phenomena, religion

chös log - wrong teaching, perverted teaching

mchan - note

mchöd-brjod - verse of offering

'char tshul - manner of arising, how it arises

'char lugs - mode of arising

'chi-kha'i bar-do - the Bardo of Dying


ji snyed-pa mkhyen-pa'i ye-shes - the Knowledge of Quantity, the knowledge which knows the quantity of all phenomena

ji lta-ba bzhin - the state of being just as it is

ji lta-ba gzigs-pa'i ye-shes - the Knowledge of Quality, the knowledge which sees the state just as it is

ji bzhin nyid - the state of being just as it is

ji bzhin-pa - the state of being just as it is

ji bzhin-par bzhugs-pa - remaining in the state of being just as it is

'ja'-Ius - the Rainbow Body

'ja'-lus 'pho-ba chen-po - the Rainbow Body of the Great Transfer

'jur dran - coarse memories

rjes - concluding section

rjes thob - subsequent realization, postmeditation experience, pristhalabdha

rjes med - without leaving a trace behind

rjes med rang dag - self-purified without leaving a trace

rjes su rnal-'byor - Anuyoga

rjes su rnal-'byor gyi theg-pa - Anuyogayana, the Vehicle of the Anuyoga Tantra

brjod-med - inexpressible (in words)

brjod med kyi rig-pa zang-thal - an indescribable directly penetrating awareness


nyams - experience, meditation experience, mystical experience

nyams gong 'phel kyi snang-ba - the vision of the development of experiences (in vision)

nyams-myong - experience; to experience

nyams zhen - attachment to experiences

nyams-len - practice; to practice

nyams su len-pa - to practice

nyams gsum - the 3 meditation experiences (of bliss, clarity, and no thought)

nyon-mongs-pa - passion, negative emotion, klesha

nyon-mongs-pa'i sgrib-pa - obscuration due to the passions 

nyon-mongs-pa'i dung klda-viiyu - passion winds, winds (or psychic energies) defiled by the passions

gnyis-med – non-dual, without duality, advaya

gnyis-'dzin - grasping at duality

gnyis-'dzin kyi 'ching-ba las 'grol-ba - liberated from bondage to dualistic thinking 

gnyen-po - antidote, pratipaksa

gnyug-ma - natural, innate, ntija

gnyug-ma'i rnal-'byor - natural yoga, natural practice

mnyam rjes - contemplation and subsequent realization

mnyam rjes kyi nyams-len - the practice of contemplation and subsequent realization

mnyam-nyid, mnyam-pa nyid - the state of identity, sameness, samatii

mnyam-bzhag - the state of even contemplation, samiihita

rnying-ma-pa Nyingmapa - the Old Tantra school

snyan brgyud - oral transmission, oral lineage, oral tradition

snying gi bu - heart-son, chief disciple

snying-gtam - heartfelt advice

snying-thig Nyingthig - the Essence of the Mind (syn. the Dzogchen Upadesha teachings)

snying-thig rdo-rje snying-po'i lam - the path of the adamantine heart of the Essence of the Mind (syn. the Dzogchen Upadesha teachings) 

snying-thig-pa - a practitioner of the Nyingthig teachings 

snying-po - 1. heart, hrdaya; 2. embryo, garbha; 3. essence, sara; 4. mind, citta


ting-nge-'dzin - contemplation, the state of contemplation, samadhi 

ting-nge-'dzin chen-po - a state of total contemplation, the great contemplation, maha-samadhi

gtad-pa - fixation; to fixate the mind on 

gtad-so - concept, conception

gtad-so dang bral-ba - free of conceptions

gtad-tshigs - conclusion, criteria, reasoning

gtan la 'bebs-pa - to systematize, to set down systematically

gter-ston Terton - Treasure Master, a discoverer of hidden treasure texts 


gter-ma - Terma, hidden treasure text

kha byang - entrance certificate (Aris), general (prophetic) guide (Thondup), preliminary treasure guide (Doctor)

khrom gter - crowd treasure (Aris), publicly discovered terma (Thondup)

mkha’ ‘gro brda yig - dakini script

dgongs gter - mind terma

nying byang - innermost prophetic guide (Thondup)

gter grogs - terma companion, consort

gter sgrub - preparatory practices (Thondup)

gter sgrom - treasure casket

gter ston - treasure revealer

gter tshab - substitute for terma

gter rdzas - terma objects

gter lung - prophetic terma text (Thondup)

gter srung - terma protectors

them byang - (also thems byang, them yig, or thems yig) registry, inventory list

dag snang - pure vision

byang bu - preceding prophetic inventory (Doctor)

yang gter - rediscovered terma

yang byang - inner prophetic guide (Thondup)

shog ser - yellow scrolls

sa gter - earth terma

gsang gter - secretly discovered terma (Thondup)


btag-grol - liberation through wearing

rtag lta-ba - the view of eternalism, Shashvatavada

rtags - sign, indication

rtog-pa - thought, discursive thought; to think

rtogs-pa - understanding; to understand

Ita sgom du ro-gcig - a single taste as to view and meditation

Ita sgom spyod - view, meditation, and conduct

Ita sgom spyod 'bras-bu - view, meditation, conduct, and fruit

lta-ba - view, way of seeing, dristi; to see

stong-cha - on the side of emptiness

stong-nyid kyi gshis - the innate disposition which is emptiness

stong-nyid snying-rje zung-'jug - the unification of emptiness and compassion

stong-pa - empty, shunya

stong-pa nyid - emptiness, shunyata

brtag-pa - examination, vitarka; to examine, to investigate

brtan-pa thob - attain stability

bstan-bcos - philosophical treatise, treatise, sastra 

bstan-pa - teaching, doctrine, shasana; taught, reveal[/size][/color][/size]


tha-dad med-pa - no difference, no distinction

thag-bcad-pa - to decide definitively, to determine decisively, to decide 

thabs- Means, Skillful Means, method, upaya

thig-le - sphere, tiny sphere, essence, bindu

thig-le chen-po - the Great Sphere, fotal sphere, mahabindu

thig-le nyag-gcig - the Unique Sphere, unique essence

thig-le stong-pa'i sgron-ma - the lamp of the empty spheres

thugs - Mind, Heart, citta

thugs-rje - 1. Energy; 2. compassion, karuna

thugs sras - heart-son, principal disciple

thun - session, meditation session

thun dang thun-mtshams - sessions and between sessions

the-tshom med - without doubts, not remaining in doubt

theg-pa - vehicle, way, yana

theg-pa dgu - the 9 vehicles

theg-pa chen-po - Mahayana, the Great Vehicle

theg-pa thams-cad kyi rtse rgyal - the victorious mountain peak of all the vehicles (to enlightenmenth(i.e., Dzogchen)

theg-pa dman-pa / Hinayana - the Lesser Vehicle

theg-pa rim dgu - the 9 successive vehicles to enlightenment

theg-pa rim dgu'irtse-bo - the pinnacle of the 9 successive vehicles 

theg-pa'i yang rtse - highest peak of all vehicles

thog-ma'i sangs-rgyas - the Primordial Buddha

thod-rgal / Thodgal - passing over the summit (the development of vision practice in the Dzogchen Upadesha)

thol byung blo rdeg - suddenly strike a thought

thos-pa'i shes-rab - discriminating wisdom arising from hearing (the teachings)

mtha' - limit, limitation, extreme, end, anta

mtha' grol - liberated from all limitations

mtha' med - unlimited, without limitation 

mtha' las 'das-pa - transcending limitations 

mthar snang - final visions

mthong lam - the path of vision, darsana-marga


dag snang - pure vision

dang-po-pa - beginner

dad-pa - faith

dwangs - luster, brightness; clear, pure

dam-bca' - author's promise, the author's statement of purpose to his readers

dam-tshig sems-dpa' - symbolic being, samayasattva

dur-khrod - cremation ground

de kho na nyid - Tathata, Reality, the state of being just as it is, suchness 

de kho na nyid ting-nge-'dzin - the contemplation of Reality

de bzhin nyid - Tathata, Reality, the state of being just as it is

de bzhin gshegs-pa'i snying-po - Tathagatagarbha, inherent Buddha-nature

don - meaning, real meaning, benefit, purpose, artha

don gyi lta-ba - real view

don gyi ye-shes - real knowledge

don gcig las ma 'das-pa - not go beyond the single meaning

drag sngags - fierce mantras

drang don - conventional meaning, neyiirtha

dri-med - immaculate

gdangs - translucency, translucent

gdams-ngag - instruction

gdeng, gdengs - confidence

gdod nas dag-pa - primordially pure

gdod-ma - primordial

gdod-ma'i mgon-po - Adinatha (syn. the Primordial Buddha) 

gdod-ma'i mal-'byor - the Primordial Yoga (syn. Dzogchen)

gdod-ma'i gzhi - the Primordial Base

bdag-nyid chen-po - the Great State, the great self (syn. Dzogchen, the Primordial State)

bdag-med - without a self, insubstantial, Anatman

bdag-'dzin - grasping at a self, grasping at the reality of, atarma-graha

bde-ba - pleasurable sensation, happiness, bliss, sukha

bde-ba chen-po / Mahasukha - the Great Bliss

bde-ba'i nyams - experience of pleasurable sensation

bde-bar gshegs-pa / Sugata - (syn. Tathagata, Buddha)

bden-pa gnyis - the 2 Truths (absolute and relative)

bden-pa mthong-ba - seeing the truth

bdud - Mara, demon

mdangs - luster, brightness, bright complexion

mdo - Sutra, a discourse of the Buddha

mdo-sde spyod-pa'i dbu-ma - Sautrantika-Madhyamika 

mdo-lugs - Sutra system

'das -rjes - posthumous teachings

'du-byed samskaras - impulses, karmic formations

'du-byed kyi las - activities of the samskaras

'dul-ba Vinaya - monastic discipline, monastic ordinances

'dren-pa'ibla-ma - Guru who gives guidance

rdo-rje vajra - diamond; adamantine, diamondlike

rdo-rje theg-pa - Vajrayana

rdo-rje zam-pa - the Vajra Bridge teachings (of Dzogchen Longde)

rdo-rje gdan Vajrasana - (modern Bodh Gaya), the diamond throne of enlightenment

brda - sign, symbol

brda brgyud - symbolic transmission, the Lineage of the Mystic Signs (of the Vidya-dharas)

brda bzhi - the 4 Signs (in Dzogchen Longde practice)

bdag-nyid chen-po - the Great State, the great self (syn. Dzogchen, the Primordial State)

bdag-med - without a self, insubstantial, Anatman

bdag-'dzin - grasping at a self, grasping at the reality of, iitmagraha 

bde-ba - pleasurable sensation, happiness, bliss, sukha

bde-ba chen-po - Mahasukha, the Great Bliss

bde-ba'i nyams - experience of pleasurable sensation

bde-bar gshegs-pa - Sugata (syn. Tathagata, Buddha)

bden-pa gnyis - the 2 Truths (absolute and relative)

bden-pa mthong-ba - seeing the truth

bdud - Mara, demon

mdangs - luster, brightness, bright complexion

mdo - Sutra, a discourse of the Buddha

mdo-sde spyod-pa'i dbu-ma - Sautrantika-Madhyamika 

mdo-Iugs - Sutra system

'das -rjes - posthumous teachings

'du-byed - samskaras, impulses, karmic formations

'du-byed kyi las - activities of the samskaras

'dul-ba - Vinaya, monastic discipline, monastic ordinances

'dren-pa'ibla-ma - Guru who gives guidance

rdo-tje vajra - diamond; adamantine, diamondlike

rdo-rje theg-pa - Vajrayana

rdo-rje zam-pa - the Vajra Bridge teachings (of Dzogchen Longde)

rdo-rje slob-dpon - Vajracharya

rdo-rje gdan Vajrasana - (modern Bodh Gaya), the diamond throne of enlightenment

brda - sign, symbol

brda brgyud - symbolic transmission, the Lineage of the Mystic Signs (of the Vidya-dharas)

brda bzhi - the 4 Signs (in Dzogchen Longde practice)


Nang – internal, inner, inner aspect

nang gi bla-ma - the internal Guru

nang rgyud - Inner Tantras

nang rtog - internal thoughts

nang dbyings - inner space, internal space, the internal dimension

nang 'od - inner light, internal light

nang gsal - inner luminosity, internal luminosity

nam-mkha' - sky, space, the space element, akasha

gnad - essential point

gnad gcig-po - single essential point

gnad du brdeg-pa - strike the essential point

gnad don - the real meaning of the essential point

gnad ma nor-ba - unmistaken essential point

gnad gsum ldan-pa'i lta-ba - the view which possesses the 3 essential points

gnas-pa - calm state; to abide, to be established

gnas 'phro - still or diffusing

gnas-tshul - mode of being

gnas-lugs - Natural State, natural condition

gnas-lugs ji lta-ba gzigs-pa'i ye-shes - the Knowledge of Quality, the knowledge which sees the Natural State just as it is

gnas sa med - (thoughts) do not remain anywhere

ma brgyud - oral transmission

mam-rtog - thought, discursive thought, vikalpa

mam 'rtog grol - liberate discursive thoughts

rnam-rtog ngo shes-pa - recognize discursive thoughts

mam-rtog med-pa - without discursive thoughts

mam-par rtog-pa - discursive thought, vikalpa

mam-par mi rtog-pa -without discursive thoughts, nirvikalpa 

mam-par shes-pa - consciousness, vijñana

mam-shes - consciousness, vijñana

rnal-'byor - yoga, union

mal-'byor gyi rgyud - Yoga Tantra

rnal-'byor gyi rgyud gyi theg-pa – Yoga-tantra-yana

mal-'byor chen-po -Mahayoga

mal-'byor chen-po'i rgyud kyi theg-pa – Maha-yoga-tantra-yana

rnal-'byor-pa Yogin - practitioner

rnal-'byor spyod-pa - Yogachara, Yogacharin

rnal-'byor spyod-pa'i dbu-ma - Yogachara-Madhyamika

rnal-'byor-ma - Yogini

rnal-'byor bzhi - the 4 Yogas (stages in Dzogchen Semde practice) 

rnal-'byor lam - the Path of the Yogins, the Path of the Yogins

rnal-bzhag chen-po - totally settled into the natural state, the great self-settled natural state

sna-tshogs - diversity, different kinds

sna-tshogs rdo-rje - a double vajra, vishva-yajra

snang 'char tshul - the way in which appearances arise

snang stong dbyer-med - the inseparability of appearance and emptiness

snang-ba - appearance, manifestation, vision; to appear, to manifest, to be visible 

snang-ba bzhi - the 4 Visions (in Thodgal practice)

snang-srid - all phenomenal existence, all that appears and that exists


dpal - glorious, abundant, shri

dpe - example, metaphor

dpe’i ye-shes - knowledge indicated by example 

dpyad-pa - analyzed, reason

dpyod-pa - analysis; to analyze, to investigate, vicara

spang blang med-pa - without attachment or aversion

spong lam - the path of renunciation

spyan lnga - the 5 eyes

spyi 'byams - irregular habits

spyi'byams gshis shor - falling away from one's innate disposition due to irregular habits

spyi mes chen-po - the great universal Ancestor

spyi gzhi - the universal Base

sPyod-pa - conduct, behaviour, action, carya

sPyod-pa'i rgyud - Charya Tantra

sPyod-pa'i rgyud kyi theg-pa – Charya-tantra-yana

sPyod-yul - sphere of action, the range of the activities of the senses

sprul-sku - Nirmanakaya

sprul-pa - Nirmita, emanation

sprospa - elaboration, multifarious activity, prapañca 

spros-med - without (conceptual) elaborations, aprapañca 

spros bral free of conceptual elaborations


pha-rol tu phyin-pa - perfection, paramita

pha-rol tu phyin-pa drug - the 6 perfections, the 6 paramitas

phun-sum tshogs-pa - supreme, abundant

phyag-rgya - mudra, symbol, symbolic form, gesture, consort 

phyag-rgya chen-po - Mahamudra, the Great symbol 

phyag-chen - Mahamudra, the Great Symbol

phyam gnas - even-minded

phyam gnas lhod-de – evenly minded and relaxed

phyam lhod - equanimity and relaxation

phyal-ba - omnipresent, common.

phyi - external, outer, outer aspect

phyi rgyud - Outer Tantras

phyi dar - the later spreading of the Dharma

phyi snang - external appearances

phyi dbyings - external space, the external dimension 

phyi'i bla-ma - the external Guru

'phags yul - Aryadesha, India

'pho-ba - the transference of consciousness; to transfer

'pho-ba chen-po - the Great Transfer

'phrul-ba - to emanate

'phro-ba - to emanate, to project, to diffuse, to proliferate


bag-chags - karmic traces, karmic residues, unconscious propensities, viisanii 

བར་དོ bar-do - Bardo, the intermediate state between death and rebirth, antariibhava 

The 4 Bardos (bar do bzhi)

1) rang bzhin skye ba'i bar do - The natural bardo of this life

2) 'chi kha gnad gcod kyi bar do - The painful bardo of dying

3) chos nyid 'od gsal gyi bar do - The luminous bardo of dharmata

4) srid pa las kyi bar do - The karmic bardo of becoming

The 6 Bardos - Bar do drug

The 4 Bardos above with the addition of:

5) bsam gtan gyi bar do - The bardo of meditation

6) rmi lam gyi bar do - The bardo of dreaming.

dkar cha - white essence

dkar lam - whiteness experience

skye gnas - birthplace

mngal sgo - door of the womb

nyer thob - near attainment

thim rim - stages of dissolution

nag lam - blackness experience

nang rtags - inner sign

snang mched thob gsum - appearance, increase and attainment

phyi rtags - outer sign

'pho ba - transference of consciousness

bar do - intermediate state, transition, 'between'

dmar cha - red essence

dmar lam - redness experience

srog 'dzin rlung - life-supporting wind


bu'i 'od gsaI - the Son Clear Light

bya-ba'irgyud - Kriya Tantra

bya-ba'I’rgyud kyi theg-pa – Kriya-tantra-yana

bya bral - free of any deliberate action

byang-chub - enlightenment, Bodhi

བྱང་ཆུབ་ཀྱ་སེམས byang-chub kyi sems - Bodhichitta, enlightened mind, the Thought of Enlightenment

It exists in Dzogchen too. 

In Semde (Sems sde) texts, Bodhicitta is a term that is synonym with Dzogchen itself or with Rigpa. In this respect, it has to be taken literally. The tibetan expression for bodhicitta is Byang chub sems, in which byang means pure, chub means perfect and sems means mind. In this perspective, this "Pure and Perfect Mind" is a little different from the relative and effective bodhicittas. In the early Semde texts, this Mind is considered as the “Quintessence of the Primordial Base” (ye gzhi snying po), i.e. the primordial state of the individual. In other words, what is designated as Great Perfection is nothing other than this state, than this Pure and Perfect Mind. There are seven « qualities » or specificities associated with this state which is:

1. free of subjectivity,
2. spontaneously accomplished,
3. Self-Arisen Wisdom,
4. without action or effort,
5. Great Bliss,
6. non-dual, and
7. free from elaborations.

This is a standard approach that you can find in Semde texts in the Nyingma and Bon traditions.....

In one of the Commentaries to the Gabpa Gukor (which is the root Dzogchen text of the whole Bönpo tradition), this state is designated as « the King of Awareness, of our own consciousness, in other words : as the Universal Base, the Pure and Perfect Mind which is Great Bliss, transcends all example liable to illustrate it, stands beyond any kind of suffering and appears in a manifest way instantaneously. » 

Pure (byang) and Perfect (chub) Mind (sems)......
It is “pure” (byang) because it does not depend on binding or freedom ; “perfect” (chub) because it does not know any death or changes ; and “mind” (sems) because it knows the real principle of non-duality. Furthermore, it is pure because it is without birth (or production) ; perfect, because it is without death or cessation ; and mind, because it is the very principle that stands beyond production and cessation. 

In the Great Tantra of the View (lTa ba rgyud chen, one Bönpo Semde text), this Mind has nine « aspects:

1. it is primordially pure, free from any stain, similar to a clear sky (mkha'),

2. it is a luminous Expanse (klong) in which everything is spontaneously perfect,

3. it is a Space (dbyings) free from the two extremes,

4. it embraces everything without partialities,

5. it transcend all discourses,

6. it cannot be grasped discursively,

7. it is immutable and independant of any cause or circumstance,

8. it is free from artifices and corruptions,

9. it is free from acceptations and rejections since the beginning.

To paraphrase this text, the state designated as bodhicitta or Pure and Perfect Mind is primordially pure and spontaneously accomplished. It is unconditioned and abides as an essence without birth or cessation and free from dualism. It is directly experienced in the recognition of the undifferentiation of Emptiness and Clarity.

To conclude, in another Bön tantra of Semde (the gSas mkhar g.yung drung ye khyebs lta ba’i rgyud), it is said :

« — Indestructible Mind whose nature is originally pure,

It is without birth, cessation, and cannot be mentally conceived

Supreme and primordial Bodhi which is free from grasping

At the erroneous path of egotic clinging,

It abides in the freedom from all elaborated limits (because)

It is, in its very essence, Manifest Buddhahood itself.


byang-chub sems-dpa' - Bohisattva

byang-chub sems-dpa'i theg-pa – Bodhisattva-yana

byan'tshud-pa - concrete personal experience

bying-ba - drowsiness

byin-dabs - blessing, adhisthana

byung sa med - (thoughts) do not arise from anywhere

byed-pa-po - creator, actor, agent, kartri

bla-sgrub - Guru Sadhana

bla-na-med-pa - unsurpassed, highest, anuttara

bla-na med-pa'i rgyud - Anuttara Tantra

bla-ma - Guru, master

bla-ma'i rnal-‘byor - Guru Yoga, Unification with the Guru

blang dor med-pa - without accepting or rejecting

blang dor med-par bskyang-ba - continue without accepting or rejecting anything 

blo - mind, thought, attitude

blo-gros - intellect, mati

blo 'd'as brjod ‘braI transcending conception by the intellect and beyond expression in words"

blo Idog rnam bzhi - the 4 meditations which change one's attitude (toward life)

blo byas'ibcos-ma'i Ita sgom - view and meditation fabricated by the mind

blo byas 'jur dran - tangled,memories made by mind

dbang - initiation, empowerment; abhisheka

dbang-bskur - to confer initiation

dbang-po - sense faculty, intellectual capacity, indriya

dbang-po gzhan la rag ma lus-pa - not depend on any other power 

dbang-po rab 'bring tha-ma - superior, intermediate, and inferior capacities 

dbang-phyug - Lord, God, ishvara

dbang-phyug-pa - Shaiva, Shaivite, a follower of the god Shiva

dbang bzhi - the 4 initiations (in Anuttara Tantra) 

dbang lung khrid - initiation, authorization, and explanation 

dbu-ma - 1. middle, center; 2. Madhyamaka

dbu-ma-pa - Madhyamika

dbu-ma'i rtsa - Avadhuti, the central channel

dbyings - space, dimension, dhatu

dbyer-med - inseparability; inseparable

sbyin-pa - generosity

'bras-bu - Fruit, result, consequence, goal, phaIa

'bras-bu'i theg-pa - Phalayana, the Fruitional Vehicle 

'bras-bu'i rdo-rje theg-pa - the fruitional Vajrayana 

sbyong lam - the path of purification

sbyor sgrol - sexual rituals and slaying rituals

sbyor lam - the path of application, prayoga-marga


ma skye - uncreated, unproduced, not born

ma 'gags-pa - unobstructed, unceasing, anirodha

ma bcos-pa - unfabricated, unmodified, uncontrived, uncorrected

ma bcos lhan-cig skyes-pa - unfabricated and spontaneous

ma dag las snang - impure karmic vision

ma bu 'phrad-pa - encounter of the Mother and the Son (Clear Light) 

ma bu sbyor-ba - uniting of the Mother and the Son (Clear Light)

ma'i 'od gsal - the Mother Clear Light

ma yin-pa'i chos lugs - the organized system of phenomena which does not exist in reality

ma gyeng-ba - undistracted, without distraction

ma rig-pa - ignorance, lack of awareness, avidya

man-ngag - upadesha, secret oral instruction

man-ngag gi sde - Upadesha Series (a group of texts and series of Dzogchen teachings)

mi gnyis - not two

mi myed - unfindability, not find, not obtain

mi rtog-pa - no thought, nondiscursive, without thoughts

mi rtog-pa'i nyams - experience of no thought


'tsit ta - the physical heart

tsit ta sha'i sgron-ma - the lamp of the fleshly heart

btson-sgrus - vigor, diligence

rtsa - a psychic channel, nerve, nadi

rtsa-ba - root, source, root text, muIa

rtsa-ba'i bla-ma - Root Guru

rtsa dung - the yoga of channels and energies, nadi-vayu yoga

rtsa dung thig-le'i rnal-'byor - the yoga of Nadis, Vayus, and Bindus 

rtsal - energy, creative energy, potentiality

rtsal sbyong - forceful purification

rtse-gcig - one-pointed, one-pointedness of mind

rtsol sgrub - searching for realization

rtsol-med - the effortless state; effortless, without effort 

rtsol-med kyi bstan-pa - the doctrine of the effortless state 

brtsis-med - without calculating

brtse-ba - love; to love


tshad-med - immeasurable, unlimited, aprameya

tshad-med bzhi - the 4 unIimited states 

tshi ehad-pa - fall into despair

tshig dbang - word initiation

tshul - method, manner, mode

tshul-khrims - morality, moral precepts, sila

tshogs gnyis - the 2 accumulations (of merit and wisdom)

tshogs drug - the 6 aggregates of consciousness

tshogs lam - the path of accumulation, sambhara-marga

mtshan - name, title

mtshan-bcas - fixation with an object

mtshan-nyid - definitive characteristic, definition, laksana

mtshan-nyid theg-pa - Lakshanayana (syn. the Sutra system) 

mtshan-ma - mark, distinguishing mark, nimitta

mtshan-med - 1. without a distinguishing mark; 2. fixation without an object


'dzin-pa' - subject, that which apprehends, grahaka

rdzu-'phrul - magical power, magical display, telekinesis, psychokinesis, riddhi

rdzogs-chen - Dzogchen, the Great Perfection

rdzogs-chen sde gsum - the 3 series of Dzogchen teachings 

rdzogs-chen-pa - a practitioner of Dzogchen

rdzogs-pa - perfect, complete

rdzogs-pa chen-po - Dzogchen, the Great Perfection, mahasandhi 

rdzogs-rim - the perfection process, Sampannakrama


zhar-byung - addendum

zhal-'chems - last testament

zhal-sgom - oral teaching and meditation practice

zhal-gdams - oral teaching, advice

zhal-lung - oral teaching

zhi-khro - Peaceful and Wrathful Deities

zhi-ba - 1. peace, peaceful, pacification, santi; 2. Ultimate Peace, Nirvana 

zhi-gnas - Shamatha, calming the mind, the state of peaceful calm, attaining peaceful calm

zhi lhag dbyer-med - the inseparability of Shamatha and Vipashyana 

zhe-sdang - anger, hatred

zhen-pa - attachment; to become attached

gzhan ngo snang tshul - how they present themselves as external appearances

gzhan du mi myed-pa'i ye-shes - a knowledge not found elsewhere outside of oneself

gzhanrig - awareness of the other (i.e., external objects)

gzhi - Base, Foundation, ground, basis

gzhi ji bzbin-pa - the Base just as it is

gzhi hyid la grol-ba - liberated into the state of the Base

gzhi dang ngo 'phrad-pa - introduced to the Base

gzhi gnas ma'i 'od gsal - the Mother Clear Light that abides as the Base 

gzlii-ma - the Base

gzhi med rtsa bral - without any base and without any source

gzhi’i 'od gsal - the Clear Light of the Base

gzhi yi ngo bo - the essence which is the Base

gzhi lam gyi 'od gsal gnyis bdyer-med - the inseparability of the Clear Lights of the Base and of the Path

gzhi lam 'bras-bu - the Base, the Path, and the Fruit

gzhir gnas - remain as the Base, abide as the Base

gzhir gnas kyi rig-pa - Awareness which abides as the Base

gzhir gnas kyi 'od gsal - the Clear Light which abides as the Base 

gzung-lugs-pa - a follower of the scriptural system

gzhon-nu bum sku - the youthful vase like Body


zag-pa med-pa'i dbyings - unpolluted dimension, the pollution less dimension (of mind)

zang-thal - direct penetration, directly penetrating

zang-thal rjen-pa'i rig-pa - a directly penetrating naked Awareness 

zang-thal-le - directly penetrating

zang ma thal'byung - impeded

zin-pa - completed, finished, accomplished, done

zung-'jug - unification, unified, united, yuganaddha

gza' gtad - concepts, conceptions

gza ’gtad dang bral-ba - free of all conceptions

gzugs-sku – rupa-kaya, Form Body

gzung-ba - object, that which is apprehended, grahya 

gzung 'dzin - subject and object

bzod-pa - patience


'og 'gyu - undercurrent

‘og 'gyu 'khrul 'byams - undercurrent of proliferating delusions

'og 'gyu'i mam-rtog - undercurrent of discursive thoughts

'og-min - Akanishtha, the highest plane of existence

'od lus - the Body of Light

‘od gsal - the Clear Light

'od gsal rgyun-chad med-pa'i klong du - in the vast expanse of unceasing Clear Light

'od gsal rdo-rje snying-po'i bstan-pa - the doctrine of the adamantine es¬sence of the Clear Light (syn. Dzogchen)

'od gsal-ba'i ye-shes - the knowledge of the Clear Light, a primal awareness of Clear Light


yang rtse - the pinnacle, the highest peak

yang rab - an individual of exceedingly superior capacity 

yangs-pa - vast expanse

yi-dam - Yidam, a meditation deity, devata

yid - manas,mind,functional mind

yid kyi mam-rtog - manovijñana, mind-consciousness 

yid-ches-pa - belief

yid-dpyad - mental analysis

yid la byed – pay attention, mind-work, mental activity, manasikara

yid la mi byed-pa - inattention, without mental activity 

yin-lugs - natural state of existence

yul - object

yul-can - subject

ye grol - primordial liberation

ye ji bzhin-pa - the primordial state of being just as it is

ye nas - primordial, from the very beginning

ye nas dag-pa - pure from the very beginning

ye nas shes-pa - knowledge, gnosis, cognition, primal awareness, Primordial Awareness, jñana

ye nas sangs-rgyas-pa - enlightened from the very beginning, attained Bud¬dhahood from the very beginning

ye nas lhun-grub - spontaneously perfected from the very beginning

ye phyi-mo - the Primordial Grandmother

ye med - nonexistent from the very beginning

ye rdzogs - primordially perfected

ye yod - existing from the very beginning

ye gzhi - the Primordial Base

ye gzhi snying-po byang-chub kyi sems - the Bodhichitta which is the essence of the Primordial Base

ye-shes - knowledge, gnosis, c6gnition, wisdom, primal awareness, Primor¬dial awareness jñana

ye-shes kyi sku – Jñana-kaya

ye-shes kyi tshogs - accumulation of wisdom, jñana-sambhara

ye-shes kyi rang rtsal du bskyong-ba - continue in the inherent potentiality of primal awareness

ye-shes kyi rlung - wisdom winds, wisdom airs, jñana-vayu

ye-shes brjod bral - an inexpressible primal awareness

ye-shes spyi - a general or universal primal awareness

ye-shes zang-thal - directly penetrating primal awareness

yo-langs - the unobstructed and continuous state (of the Bön sku / Dharmakaya) 

yongs su grub-pa - fully realized, fully accomplished, parinispanna

yongs su rdzogs-pa - fully perfected, completed, paripurna

yod med - existence and non-existence

gyeng-ba - distraction, distracted; to be distracted


rag-pa'i mam-rtog - coarse thoughts

rang - self, itself, one's own, inherent

rang gi ngo-bo - one's own essence

rang gi rig-pa - one's own immediate awareness

rang gis rang grol - self-liberated by itself

rang gis rang rig-pa - self-aware by itself

rang grol - self-liberation, self-liberated

rang rgyud - one's own mind-stream

rang rgyud gnyis 'dzin gyi 'ching-ba las grol-ba - one's own mind-stream liberated from all bondage to dualistic thinking

rang ngo - one's own real nature, one's own face

rang ngo rang du phrad-pa - one's own face encountering itself, meeting oneself face to face

rang ngo-shes-pa - self-recognition; recognizing one's own nature (face) 

rang gcig-pa - singular unique state

rang gcig-pu - singular unique state

rang dang 'brel-ba - found within oneself, connected with oneself

rang gdangs - inherent translucent radiance

rang gnas - self-sustaining, self-abiding, self-existent

rang gnas kyi ye-shes rjen-pa - a naked self-sustaining primal awareness 

rang-snang - self-manifestation, self-manifesting

rang babs - self-occurring

rang babs gnyug-ma'i dran-pa - a natural self-occurring mindfulness 

rang-byung - self-originated

rang-byung ye-shes - self-originated knowledge, self-originated primal awareness

rang zhal mjal-ba - meeting one's own face (nature)

rang gzhan gnyis su byung - originate as oneself and as another 

rang-bzhag - self-settled, remain as itself

rang-bzhin - nature, nature, inherent nature, svabhava

rang-bzhin mam-dag - naturally pure

rang-bzhin med-pa - without any inherent nature

rang-bzhin rdzogs-pa chen-po - the natural Great Perfection

rang-rtsal - inherent energy, inherent potentiality

rang yin-pa - one's own state of existence

rang yin-par ngo-shes-pa - recognizing it as one's own state of being

rang rig - self-awareness; aware of oneself

rang rig-pa - one's own intrinsic Awareness

rang la byan tshud-pa - concrete personal experiences with regard to one self

rang-shar - self-arising

rang shes rig-pa'i rgyal-po - the King who is self-knowing Awareness 

rang sar grol - liberated into its own condition

rang sar zin - remaining in its own (original) condition

rang sems - one's own mind

rang sor zin - remaining in its own (original) condition

rang gsal - inherent clarity, inherent luminosity

rab-'byams-pa - infinite

rab 'bring tha-ma - superior, intermediate, and inferior capacities rig-cha on the side of awareness

rig stong rjen-pa - naked empty Awareness

rig stong dbyer-med - the inseparability of awareness and emptiness rig-pa 1. Awareness, immediate Awareness, intrinsic Awareness, the state of contemplation, vidya; 2. intelligence

rig-pa ngo-sprod - direct introduction to intrinsic Awareness

rig-pa gcer-bu - naked Awareness

rig-pa gcer mthong - seeing with naked Awareness

rig-pa rjen-pa - naked Awareness

rig-pa dbyings kyi sgron-ma - the lamp of the dimension of Awareness 

rig-pa tshad pheb kyi snang-ba - the vision of the increasing to the full measure of Awareness

rig-pa 'dzin-pa - vidyadhara, knowledge-holder

rig-pa'i khu-byug - the cockoo of Awareness

rig-pa'i rtsal - the potentiality of Awareness, the creative energy of Awareness

rig-pa'i rtsallhung-ba - fall into the potentiality of Awareness

rig-pa'i ye-shes - the knowledge which is immediate Awareness

rig-pa'i zang-thal - directly penetrating Awareness

rig-pa zang-thal gyi ngang - the state of directly penetrating Awareness 

rig-pa rang gnas - self-sustaining immediate Awareness

rig-ma - a consort, a female partner for tantric practice

rig-'dzin – Vidya-dhara

rig-'dzin brda brgyud - the symbolic transmission of the Vidya-dharas

rig shes - a knowing awareness

rig gsal - clear awareness, awareness and clarity

rig gsal dbyer-med - the inseparability of awareness and clarity 

ring-lugs - our own system, our own tradition

rim-gyis 'jug-pa - entering gradually

rim-gyis-pa - a gradualist

ris-med – non-sectarian

ris-med-pa - one who is non-sectarian, a follower of the Rimed or non-sectarian movement

ru-Iog - reversal, the process of reversing solid matter into radiant energy 

ru-shan - distinction, the Rushan exercises (in Dzogchen)

ro-gcig - single taste, single flavor, the state of being a single taste, ekarasa

ro-snyoms - same taste, the process of making everything into the same taste, samarasa

ro-langs - a vampire, vetalal

rol-pa - manifestation; to manifest

rung - psychic energy, wind, air, vayu


la bzla-ba - to transcend, to go beyond conceptions lam the Path, path, way, road, marga lam-khyer - carry on along the path, daily practice

lam gyi 'od gsal - the Clear Light of the Path

las snang - karmic vision

lung - 1. Agama; 2. scriptural authorization, authorization 

lung-ma-bstan - a dull blank state of mind, neutral state

lung rig - scriptural citations and reasoning

lus ngag yid - body, speech, and mind

longs-sku – Sambhoga-kaya

longs-spyod rdzogs-pa'i sku – Sambhoga-kaya


shar grol - liberation as soon as it arises

shar-ba - to arise

shin tu mal-'byor - Atiyoga (syn. Dzogchen)

shin tu mal-'byor gyi theg-pa – Atiyoga-yana

shes rgyud - stream of consciousness, vijñana-santana

shes-pa - awareness; to know, to be aware

shes-bya ji snyed-pa mkhyen-pa'i ye-shes - the Knowledge of Quantity, the knowledge which knows the full quantity of what is known (i.e., conventional knowledge of phenomena)

shes-bya'i sgrib-pa - obscurations due to (erroneous) intellectual knowledge

shes-rab - wisdom, discriminating wisdom, prajña

shes-rab rang-byung gi sgron-ma - the lamp of self-originated wisdom

shes rig - an awareness which knows

shog ser - golden paper

gshis - innate disposition

gshis shor gyi gol-sa - deviation where one falls away from one's innate disposition


sa - stage, state, bhumi

sa gcig-pa - single stage

sa bcu - the 10 stages, the 10 bhumis

sa-gter - earth-treasure

sangs-rgyas - Buddha, an enlightened being

sangs-rgyas-pa - Buddhahood, attaining Buddhahood

sems - mind, thoughts, thought process, citta

sems kyi ngo-bo - the essence of mind

sems kyi snang-ba - manifestation of mind

sems kyi yal-ba - the dissolving of mental activities

sems bskyed - 1. bodhichitta, producing the bodhichitta, bodhicittotpada;2. producing a thought

sems grol - liberate the mind

sems rgyud - mind-stream

sems-can - sentient being, sattva

sems-nyid - the Nature of Mind, cittata

sems-nyid kyi rang zhal bsgribs - obscuring the true face of the Nature of Mind

sems-sde - Mind Series (a group of texts and series of Dzogchen teachings) 

sems-phyogs - teachings pertaining to the Dzogchen Semde

sems 'byung - contents of mind, what arises in the mind, caitta 

sems-tsam - Chittamatra, the doctrine of Mind-Only

sems-tsam-pa - Chittamatrin, a follower of the Mind-Only doctrine (syn.Yogacharin)

sems-'dzin - fixation of mind, Semdzin (a series of meditation exercises in Dzogchen)

sems rang bzhag gnyug-ma'i ngang bskyangs - the mind continues in a natural self-settled state

sems las ' das-pa - transcending the mind

sems las ' das-pa'i ye-shes - a primal awareness which transcends the mind 

so-sa'i gling - Sosaling (name of a cremation ground in India)

srid-pa - existence (syn. salpsiira)

srid-pa'i bar-do - the Bardo of Existence

gsang sngags - the Secret Mantras (syn. Vajrayana)

gsang sngags rdo-rje theg-pa - the Secret Mantra Vajrayana

gsang spyod - secret conduct (the sexual practices of yoga)

gsang-ba - secret, secret aspect

gsang-ba'i bla-ma - the secret Guru

gsang mtshan - secret name (obtained during initiation)

gsar-ma-pa - Sarmapa, the New Tantra schools, the Newer Schools 

gsal-cha - on the side of luminous clarity

gsal stong dbyer-med - the inseparability of clarity and emptiness 

gsal-ba - clarity, luminosity, luminous clarity, clear

gsal-ba'i nyams - experience of clarity

bsam-gtan - concentration, meditation, level of concentration, dhyana 

bsam-gtan gyi mkhan-po - a teacher of Chan, a Chan master

bsam-gtan gyi rgyu tshogs - accumulate the causes of concentration 

bsam-pa'i shes-rab - discriminating wisdom arising from reflection 

bsil-ba'i tshal - Shitavana, the cool forest (cremation ground near Bodh Gaya)

bsod-nams - merit, meritorious karma, punya

bsod-nam kyi tshogs - accumulation of merit, punya-sambhara


he-de-ba - a blank state of mind, a startled mind.

lhad-de-ba - startled awareness, a state of shock

lha - god, deity, Deva

lhag-mthong - vipasyana, higher insight (Pali: vipassana)

lhag-pa'i mal-'byor - Atiyoga(syn. Dzogchen)

lhan-skyes - spontaneously born

lhan-cig skyes-pa - spontaneously born, sahaja

Ihan-cig skyes-pa'i ma rig-pa - spontaneously born ignorance

lhan-cig skyes-pa'i ye-shes - spontaneously born knowledge, spontaneously born primal awareness

lha'i nga-rgyal - divine pride

lhug-pa - alert relaxation, alertly relaxed 

lhun gyis - spontaneously, effortlessly, naturally

lhun gyis grub-pa - spontaneously self-perfected, effortlessly realized, anabhoga

lhun gyis 'jug-pa - entering spontaneously

lhun gyis gnas-pa - abiding spontaneously, remaining effortlessly

lhun gyis rdzogs-pa - perfected spontaneously

lhun-grub - spontaneously self-perfected

lhun-rdzogs - spontaneously perfected

lhod-de - relaxed

lhod-pa - relaxation, relaxed; to relax

lhod-pa chen-po - the Great Relaxation, totally relaxed, a state of total relax¬ation (syn. Dzogchen)


a-ti - Atiyoga (syn. Dzogchen) a-ti-yo-ga Atiyoga (syn. Dzogchen) 

a-la-la - how delightful!

e-ma-ho - how wonderful!

o-rgyan - Uddiyana

In Bön: Kalden Yungdrung



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