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Terms Updated: Abruptness - Crystal


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ABRUPTNESS: "the way of provoking inner drala. Sharpness is the binding factor between fearlessness and gentleness...... the abrupt and spontaneous process that brings authentic presence is raising windhorse.""....

ABSOLUTE...."Means: needing no reference point. It is wholesome, complete by itself, self-existing." ..(Trungpa: 39)...

bden-pa gnyis - the 2 Truths (absolute and relative)...Two truths (Skt. dvasatya; Tib. བདེན་པ་གཉིས་, Wyl. bden pa gnyis) — everything has an absolute aspect, or absolute truth, and a relative aspect, or relative truth. The absolute or ultimate is the inherent nature of everything, how things really are. The conventional or relative is how things appear. In the teachings, these are known as ‘the two truths’, but they are not to be understood as two separate dimensions, rather as two aspects of a single reality."....

AGGRESSION: "...when aggression arises you should flash sacred outlook. Usually you are so pissed off that you cut off any possibility of communication. Aggression is wisdom in some sense. Aggression is thinking that your world is right and that others are wrong. But when you begin to project sacred outlook, there is no separation at all between this world and that world. So everything is pure."....

AIR ELEMENT..."three Zhang Zhung terms designating the three types of winds (the air element): tsentin, nentin, trinni." (Norbu: 165)...

ye-shes kyi rlung - wisdom winds, wisdom airs, jñana-vayu...awareness wind (ye shes in dbu ma), naked primal awareness, wisdom winds, wisdom airs

rung - psychic energy, wind, air, vayu

srog 'dzin rlung - life supporting wind/ prana

ANCESTORS..."Our lives are different from those of our ancestors. But, inside us are living our ancestors. Man comes from his ancestors, his parents. It is important to treat this inheritance carefully. The ancestors must never be forgotten, reverence for the ancestors must never be neglected."..(Jinga: 7,12)...

......"Drala is realizing that there is an intrinsic state of being in both ourselves and our ancestors. We might say that this is somewhat like ancestor worship, but nonetheless, almost all religions worship their ancestors. This is not just Buddhist or Shambhalian approach; even Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism worship their ancestors. So I don't see any reason why ancestor worship has to be put down as primitive particularly. In our case ancestor worship is slightly more connected with how one's own basic being can communicate with the general vision or the general atmosphere around one. Our approach is not entirely ancestor worship. Rather, it is like looking at the sun. The sun is always there. If we look at it we see it"....CTR

spyi mes chen-po - universal ancestor, great universal ancestor.....

ANCESTRAL SOVEREIGNS: "It was elaboration in story form of the old Buddhist concept of the Four Sons of Heaven, that is, rulers of the four great countries of the Asiatic world. China, India, Iran and the northern barbarians..... Gesar was the King of Trhom (Ohrom) and stood for armies and the north." (pg 280)......Tibetan Civilization.....By Rolf Alfred Stein

APPRECIATION..."Proper shopping does not entail collecting a lot of information or beauty, but it involves appreciating each individual object. It is like seeing a very interesting movie and forgetting that you are in the audience."..( 16)

ARROGANCE: "Arrogance comes from lack of gentleness and lack of gentleness comes from relying on our habitual patterns....The problem of arrogance is connected with gentleness not coming through....When you are fully gentle, without arrogance and without aggression, you see the brilliance of the universe." "You develop a true perception of the universe. The basic obstacle to gentleness is arrogance. Arrogance comes from hanging on to the reference point of me and other. You may have studied the principles of warriorship and Great Eastern Sun vision, and you may have received numerous teachings on how to rest in nowness and raise your windhorse, but if you regard those as your personal accomplishment, then you are missing the point. Instead of becoming gentle and tamed, you could become extremely arrogant. "....

ARROW ...(mda' dar). "Every male member of the family possesses an arrow decorated with silk, a silver mirror, and turquoise." (Nebesky: 1975...p.87)....The five silk scarves are symbolic of the five elements which are activated by the arrow...."Naguchi can chant the Arrow Eulogy of Gesar. With an arrow in his hand he chanted and danced simultaneoulsy." ( 439)...."Ati Muwer (Mu=sky..wer=king) is a deity of wisdom (yeshe lha). He holds a bow and arrow of meteoric iron." (Kvaerne:1996..pg84)..."mDar Mo is arrow divination, also known as Gesar Mo. It involves the use of two arrows." (Ekvall: 1964)..." A golden arrow with turquoise feathers and a turquoise arrow with golden feathers were the arrow of life and the arrow of the bride, presented during the marriage ceremony."...."The Altaic shaman had a miniature bow and arrows, a symbol of magical flight."..(Eliade: 152)..."An arrow on the string of a drawn bow of a god emphasizes sky power."...(Campbell: 94)...

ASHA....(the Persian counterpart of the Vedic Rta) ...."Cosmic order governing the worlds of the gods and of man. The Sacred Fire is the means whereby the offering is carried to the sky. (James: 76,90,94)...."For the Indo-Iranians, the sun moved across the sky and to regulate the seasons in accordance with Asha." (Boyce: 10)...AṦA, “truth” in Avestan, from Indo-Iranian *ṛtá-, a neuter noun having the same meaning. The word is attested in Old Persian as ạrta and in Old Indian as ṛtá-."..."In the Vedic religion, Ṛta (Sanskrit ऋतं ṛtaṃ "that which is properly/excellently joined; order, rule; truth") is the principle of natural order which regulates and coordinates the operation of the universe and everything within it."....Holdrege, Barbara A. (2004). "Dharma" in: Mittal, S. & Thursby, G. (Eds.) The Hindu World.

ASHE: ..... "A means "first" and "last"; it also means "the manifestation of nonexistence," and it can also mean "power" or "a storehouse of power." Such power is not the gift of external agents of any kind. It is reawakened power which exists naturally. Fire has power of its own; wind has power of its own; earth has power of its own; space has power of its own. Such power has neither beginning nor end, and such power exists in you, individually, inseparable from basic goodness. A is that fundamental, basic openness, space, imperturbable and peaceful. SHE means "stroke" or "form" and it could also mean "visual manifestation." So ASHE altogether means "the powerful existence arising out of basic goodness."....

AUSPICIOUS COINCIDENCE...(T:tendrel)(Sk:pratityasamutpada)... "The Tibetan term Tendrel (tenpar drelwa). Auspicious coincidence. Connections that are not visible on the surface. The natural sequence that the dralas ride on. Interdependent causation. Auspicious or favorable circumstances. ..... "According to Pon, anyone who attunes himself, through the appropriate rites and practices, to the movement of the interdependence of events is not in danger of being rejected by it. Understanding this interdependence, he can read the signs. By invoking the name of the supreme deity in the appropriate manner...he can call the gods to himself as allies and defenders." (Trungpa:1978...1984)..."good fortune (rten 'brel) applies to the auspicious events that happen to a person seemingly by magical coincidence." (Kornman in Lopez:1997, pg 81)....."auspicious coincidence; rten-brel (Sk: pratitya-samutpada)..."The coming together of factors to form...fitting, proper situations." (Nalanda: 343)... ‘The Brief Practice of Tendrel Nyesel’ the brief one that the Rigpa sangha uses for daily practice."....

AUTHENTIC PRESENCE...The Tibetan term: dbang thang (wang thang) Authentic Presence. "Wangthang, literally means field of power. Virtue reflected in your being, your presence. To deepen authentic presence, incorporate more space into your world."(Trungpa: 1984...P.159+)....sku drung: presence...ka dag lhun grub: primordial purity and spontaneous presence...lhun grub: spontaneous presence..."Dignity has a sense of authentic presence: it has authenticity, therefore it has presence. From that authentic presence, which comes out of non-aggression and gentleness, comes action."(Trungpa: 101)...

"When you look at a person who possesses authentic presence you find he has an overwhelming genuineness, which usually frightens you somewhat. It's too bold. There's something cooking, something going on. There is some sense of real trueness taking place, which feels good.

dbang - initiation, empowerment; abhisheka


BASIC GOODNESS...(kunshi ngangluk kyi gewa)..."Every human being has a basic nature of goodness, which is undiluted and unconfused. That goodness contains tremendous gentleness and appreciation...we have an actual connection to reality that can wake us up." (Trungpa:1984..Pg 31)

...In Bon Dzogchen it is stated that all of reality is pervaded by a transcendent principle called "All Good". It has a male aspect called Kuntu Sangpo and a female aspect, Kungtu Sangmo, and is a "universal reality of dynamic potentiality".(Powers: 1990 p.440)

...Pictorial descriptions and information on the Tibetan deity Kuntu Sangpo ("All Good") as appears in the recent book by Per Kvaerne, "The Bon Religion of Tibet" (Shambhala Publications, 1996)
...gdod nas bzang ba: basic goodness....

gdod nas dag-pa - primordially pure

gdod nas: primordial, original, basic, from the very beginning

...thog ma'i: primal, original, basic, first

gdod-ma'i gzhi - the Primordial Base

......."Training yourself to be a warrior is learning to rest in basic goodness, rest in a complete state of simplicity." (Trungpa: 70)

...."In Shinto, the essence of all beings is regarded as being good, and evil is thought as being un-essential and temporary. It is thought that by harae (purification ceremonies), all things can and must be changed to good."

..( 28)

...."The Mithraic restoration of original goodness through 'den' (the Old Iranian word for wisdom). ..(Campbell: 120)

..."If the cosmic man joins in himself the highest power of the essence (xvarr) of sovereignty (sahr)[GE SAHR?] with the highest power of the essence of the Good..." (Campbell: 107)...

Kun tu bzang-po - Samantabhadra (name of the Primordial Buddha)

Kuntu bzang-mo Samantabhadri (name of the Primordial Wisdom)

kun-khyab all-pervading

kun-mkhyen - omniscient, all-knowing

kun tu snang-ba'i ting-nge-' dzin - the samadhi or state of contemplation which illuminates everything

kun brtag ma rig-pa - the ignorance which conceptualizes everything

Kun-byed rgyal-po - the king who creates everything

kun-rdzob - relative

kun-rdzob bden-pa - Relative Truth

kun-gzhi - the basis of everything, alaya

kun-gzhi rnam-shes - the store consciousness, alaya-vijñana

kun-bzang dgongs-pa - the Primordial State of Samantabhadra

BARDO....(SK:antarabhava)..."Prolonged postmortem intermediary period between death and rebirth can be traced thematically to early Vedic and Upanisadic antecedents. In the Seminal Heart Tradition of Tibet, one is never anywhere but a bardo or one type or another." (Lopez: 458)...

the intermediate state between death and rebirth, antariibhava

BARDO: (bar do; Skt. antarabhava)

Literally, between two. In general any interval , a between. Six bardos are usually spoken of in the Vajrayana:

1.) Death Process (chi kay bar do) the interval from the moment when the individual begins to die until the moment when the separation of the mind and body takes place.

2.) Cho nyi Bardo: the interval of the ultimate nature of phenomena when the mind is plunged into its own nature. The first phase of the after death process.

3.) The Bardo of Becoming (si pay bar do) the interval in which the mind moves towards rebirth.

4.) The Bardo between Birth and Death (chi shi bar do) Ordinary waking consciousness during the present lifetime.

5.) Dream (mi lam bar do) the dream state we experience in sleep.

6.) Meditative concentration (sam ten bar do) the state of meditative stability.

The first three are the intermediate states after death and before the next birth, It is said to usually last forth-nine days. When you are in a state of bardo you are stuck in a particular vacuum. Because of your intense desire to maintain your habitual patterns, you replay your own tapes again and again. You are locked in your own mind and you create your own world.

One of the six yogas; intermediate state.

From Dhamma Wiki: "Antarabhava (Pali, for the intermediate state) is rejected by the Abhidhamma, but in the Suttas there is the indication that there may be an intermediate state between lives in the rebirth process."

BEAUTY: "Beauty means fullness, totality--total experience. Our life is completely full even though we might be completely bored. Boredom creates aloneness and sadness, which are also beautiful. Beauty in this sense is the total experience of things as they are. It is very realistic. It means that we can't cheat ourselves--or anybody else, for that matter. The beauty of cool air; the beauty of eating a meal when we are hungry; the beauty of learning more things; the beauty of being too hot on a summer day; the beauty of being too cold in the middle of winter; the beauty of pain, as well as the beauty of pleasure. All of those are connected with the fundamental notion of basic goodness." ....

BINDU (Sanskrit): ( See Tibetan: thig le;tig le)

thig-le - sphere, tiny sphere, essence, bindu

thig-le chen-po - the Great Sphere, fotal sphere, mahabindu

thig-le nyag-gcig - the Unique Sphere, unique essence

thig-le stong-pa'i sgron-ma - the lamp of the empty spheres

Bindu (Sanskrit: बिंदु) is a Sanskrit word meaning "point" or "dot". A bindi is a small, ornamental, devotional dot applied to the forehead in Hinduism.

bLA: life force inside your body. You will die soon if your bla leaves. Not exactly a soul.

BLACK LIGHT..."the experience of 'black light' immediately preceeding the radiant awareness of death."..(Kongtrul: 276)..."From the essence of the egg was born a man of black light, Munpa Serden (Radiant Black Darkness)"..(Norbu: 166)...."From the heart of the egg sprang a man of black light. He was called Munpa zer-Idan nag-po and was the king of the world of non-existence."..(Karmay: 192)..."Med, non-being, is represented by black light and Yod, being, is characterized by white light.' (MacDonald: 1959)...

nag lam - blackness experience......Munpa Zerdan or Munpa Serden Nagpo from the Cosmic Egg creation account in Bön Buddhism...Munpa Zerdan Nagpo = mun pa zer ldan nag po = མུན་པ་ཟེར་ལྡན་ནག་པོ་.....

BLUE....Shambhala Blue: "The color blue (sngo sngon po), in many Central Asian traditions, is the sacred color of the high god associated with the dome of the sky. In the Tibetan dictionary, 'o dkar is translated: "white milk color [with a slightly bluish tinge] and is connected with space...".....completely and totally blue ......

BREATH..."In ancient Persia, 'jan' or 'pneuma' from which men derive not only the breath of life, but also the capacity for knowledge." (Campbell: 313)..."vital spirit (pneuma zōtikon)......


CENTER OF THE WORLD..."The Altaic shaman believes that heaven and earth are connected by an Axis that passes through the 'Center of the World'. Their drumming projects them into this axis where they can ascend into the sky." (Eliade: 169)..."In Islam, the Kaaba Stone in Mecca is the one place on earth where every direction is east."....."In the Gnostic tradition, Quth is the 'Pole of the World'. With Demiourgos."...."In a wheel of time there are ceremonial doorways opening into the roots of time." (Kharatidi: 217)...

CEREMONIES...."In Shinto, the ceremonies connecting with summoning anew the spirit of a deity are called 'chinza-sai'. They are usually ceremonies of mysterious grandeur carried on with the utmost solemnity during the darkness."...(Jinja: 11).....

CHA..... (ca, cha'o,chao)(phywa).... "the term cha refers to a principle or force that embraces all the positive aspects expressed in Tibetan by words such as yang (prosperity), pal (glory), phunsum tsogpa (completeness), wang thang (ascendancy-capacity), trashi (good fortune), etc. When the forces of our cha, wangthang, and lungta are weak and in decline, secondary negative causes arise more conspicuously." ..."all phenomenon, positive as well as negative are determined by the cha. All the various conditions and situations of a person's life are controlled by or dependent on the cha force. To increase the cha (cha'o:increase, increase) one must summon the cha and yang present in the universe through a series of rites of propitiation of the cha (phywa sgrub)." (Norbu: 63 &72)

CHINVAT BRIDGE..."the after death bridge in the Persian traditions. Razors edge. Met by feminine daena deity.".."Stemming from very archaic Iranian roots, the Chinvat Bridge was the connecting place between the earthly and heavenly spheres." (Scott: 71)..."Chinvat Peretum - Bridge of the Requiter.....One interesting interpretation of the etymology of 'chinvat' (Avestan), chinvar (Pahlavi), is that the name is derived from a combination of the Avestan chinaeta or Pahlavi chitan, meaning to arrange or lay as in bricklaying and the verbal root vid meaning knowledge or recognition. The conclusion is that the chinvat bridge is constructed over a lifetime of attaining wisdom and goodness. ....When the soul arrives at the bridge, it will find present at the bridge three angels: Mithra, Saroosh and Rashnu....- If the person has been an ashavan, a person whose life was based on the precepts of asha or goodness, the bridge will be wide and accompanied by its daena (see* below), the crossing to the abode of light and song, garo-demana (house of song/praise/merit), or heaven, will be effortless. ....Sins such as murder are beyond redemption and the bridge will be razor sharp causing the soul to fall into an abyss of darkness......In between these two ends, the width of the bridge will be determined by the balance of the soul's goodness over badness as determined by Rashnu's scales of justice. "....

CIRCUMAMBULATION...Parikrama or Pradakshina refers to circumambulation of sacred places in Hindu, Jain or Buddhist context......(Parikarama) Clockwise is called Sun circling, counter-clockwise is called Moon circling..."Another important Bon practice seems to be the counter-clockwise circumambulation of a mountain sacred to Se and the degyes, while performing the lhasang ritual at various points along the way." (Trungpa: 227)..."the clockwise movement (g yas skor) was regarded as the circle of means (thabs skor) and the anti clockwise as the circle of transcendent consciousness (ye shes skor). In some rituals, men went clockwise and women went anti-clockwise." (Tucci: 243)....."Notice the circular direction of the natural flow of water below and above the equator."......"In Shiva temples, the devotees start the Pradakshina as usual from the front and go clockwise till they reach the gomukhi (the outlet for abhisheka water) from the Sanctum Sanctorum. As usual the clockwise perambulation is maintained outside of the Bali stones. The drainage outlet for the ritual ablution offered on the Shiva Linga with water, milk, curd, coconut water, ghee, ashes (bhasma)etc. is not to be crossed. So the worshippers have to return in anti-clockwise direction till they reach the other side of the drainage outlet to complete the circle. During this anti-clockwise perambulation, the devotee should tread a path inside of the Bali stones. The Bali stones are always to be kept the right side of the devotees. After reaching the drainage oulet, they have to return to the front in the clockwise direction keeping the path outside the Bali stones. Thus one Pradakshina is completed.".....

COLOURS...."Lemon yellow is connected with strength and with the father or king principle. Purple is considered to be the ultimate feminine or queen principle."...(Trungpa: 102)...The Collected Works of Chogyam Trungpa: Volume Seven: The Art of Calligraphy ...By Chogyam Trungpa (Page 133)

COSMIC EGG...(srid pa'i sgong nga)..."the Garuda hatches full grown from its egg and soars into outer space, expanding and stretching its wings, beyond any limits. (Trungpa: 167)....'begin with a creation of the world out of an egg and a first divine being, (Ye smon rgyal po), the divine ancestor born on a mountain and protected by a dragon, tiger, and a vulture. " (Tucci: 221)..."One of the three ’cham chosen to go to Lille was about the goddess Srid pa’i rgyal mo, Queen of the World, with her nine daughters, called Gze ma dgu. These were the first nine of the goddess’ twenty-seven daughters. In the Bon pantheon this goddess plays a multifarious role which suggests that she occupies a matriarchal position. Under different names, she is a partner of various tantric deities as well as manifesting herself as a religious protector."....Queen of the World and her Twenty-seven Daughters by Samten G. Karmay....

CRYSTAL...('khar skong: crystal) (chu shel:crystal) (ja shel: rainbow crystal) (dwangs shel: crystal clear) (phawong longbu: cube shaped crystal) (shel dkar rdzong:The White Crystal Castle) (sing nge ba: crystal clear, luminosity)..."The manifestation of phenomenon is like the sunlight being refracted through a clear crystal which then appears as rainbows on the walls of the room." (Reynolds: 149)..."A crystal is naked and translucent; in the same way, primordial awareness is bare of any conceptual thoughts, and internal and external experiences are transparent to the observing primordial awareness." (Wangyal: 129)...."Shenlha Wokar...the colour of his body is like the essence of crystal. His ornaments, attire, and palace are adorned by crystal light." (Kvaerne: 1996)...."Padmasambhava used a small crystal drum." (Kohn: 390)..."In the Mithraic tradition of ancient Persia, the sky was formed of a transparent crystalline substance." (Campbell: 94)...'khar_skong


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